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why i anti-anxiety drug

Anti anxiety drugs also called anxiolytics are drugs that are used to treat a common health condition that is generalized anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a pyogenic abnormality. This disorder is characterised by excessive worry,sweating,distress,and a person's ability to work. These symptoms are persistent and continuos.Anti anxiety drugs are diverse but all alter brain function. Antianxiety drugs aid in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and panic attack such as fear a d worry. Antianxiety drugs are mild sedatives and produces calming affects. The most common used antianxiety drugs are benzodiazepenes,anti depresssants,diazepam,alprazolam and clonazepam. The most commonly used anti anxiety drug is benzodiazepine that is used to treat panic disorders and social phobia.SSRI are used as second line of antidepressants. These drugs depresses the brain functions.Buspirone deals with anxiety issues by stimulating production and release of dopamine and serotinin in the nerve terminals.Benzodiazapenes treat anxiety by increasing the affect of gamma aminobutyric acid in brain(GABA).

Anti anxiety drugs are used to treat some other common conditions like
* insomnia
* alcoholwithdrawal symptoms
* drug addiction
* tremors
* seizures
* itching
* depression
*panic disorder
* vomiting

When you are suffering from heart pounding anxiety issues, paralyzed by fear ,panic attacks, or exhausted from a sleepless night you will give anything to get relief and just get a comfortable night. But nothing comes without cost .These medication will affect your abilities in long run and will hinder you daily activities.Dependance of anti anxiety drugs are common and once you start taking them it is most likely that you will get addicted and it will be difficult for you to get rid of them. You will do probably anything to prevent anxiety attacks. Withdrawal symptoms are also very common and include sweating, heart pounding,tachychardia and confusions.

How to get rid of anxiety

There are different techniques which can help you in getting rid of anxiety. Have a look at the techniques;

The term anxiety means some feeling of worry,uneasiness,fear and stage fright. It is normal to some extent to experience these symptoms but if these symptoms are consistent ,continuous and intense than it is a an indication of anxiety disorder. According to national survey about 37 % of people in this world suffer from anxiety disorder. Anti anxiety disorder has a potential of causing a lot of side affects. They may resolve in a week but some can be constant. Some doctors advice to take medication with the food to decrease their side effects. Different drugs have different side effects. Nature and intensity of side affects also depends on the lifestyle of patients.

Traditional medicine i.e benzodiazepine and newer medicine SSRI will only cause short time relief but even a moment of relapse is a blessing. These medicines are not a cure. It is also a question that either they will work in long run or not. Even with all that side effects and potential risks it still is a fair trade to get rid of panic attacks and fear .However you should not make this your habit and take pills whenever you feel a little trouble. You must try to control these issues for good either by psychotherapy, yoga or by any other means necessary.

Anti anxiety medicine will surely work but they will take their time. You must deal with patience while finding the drug that best suits you.

Some beta blockers are also prescribed for anxiety .They help in decreasing the symptoms of anxiety i.e tachychardia, sweating, trembling voice,i increase heart rate. Anti anxiety medicine deal with six major problems

Generalized anxiety disorder: GAD is a condition in which patient feel constant and persistent worry about many different things. They may feel over worried about money ,health, propertyetc.They always consider them in imminent danger.

* Phobia:
phobia is a special type of anxiety disorder in which patient feel excessive fear of an object. Fear is continues and may last for more than 6 months. Phobia includes sudden onset of extreme fear about a thing, creature or a situation.


*Social anxiety:
social anxiety is the feeling of being judged, negativelyevaluated, demotivatedetc .It also includes fear of crowd or incapacity to show emotional connection.

*Simple panic attack:
Panic attacks are sudden period of very strong anxiety along with the feeling of fear .It feels like an eternity of suffering. It has some dangerous physical symptoms also like nausea ,abdominal pain,chills,seizures etc.

*Combination of anxiety and fear

anxiety and fear

Benzodiazepines are mostly commonly used to treat anxiety. These includes alpraxolam ( xanax) ,clonazepam and diazepam also known as Valium. Valium is the commercial name .It is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder and phobia. The question most people ask is where to buy valium? You can buy valium from online stores .They sell high quality valium in cheap rates.

The best affect these medication gives in the case of panic attacks is that they increases patient motivation and speed up the progress towards dealing with panic attacks and all their possible side effects .For a drug to be useful it must help one or more stages of anxiety.The first stage is anticipatory anxiety. It includes all the negative thoughts and physical symptoms that arises when you start dealing with anxiety.The second stage are the symptoms itself including stress ,high heart rate,etc.Most drugs help patients in dealing with both these situvation.According to latest medical research if a drugs stops the panic attack itself and inhibits the symptoms than there is no need for drug to inhibits the anticipation.

Recent approach of taking anti-anxiety medication for treating social fears is to take medicine on special occasions ,only when needed. If a person is afraid to a particular situation than he should take propanol just before 1 hour. If you are experiencing mild physical symptoms than propnolol is best if you take it one hour before .Propanol is best for occasional problems while atenolol works better for continued problems because it has long term affect. It you have some cognitive problems and it is affecting your ability to work and judge than you take alprazolam you have mix symptoms than take combination of these drugs. It would last for 1 hour. Those who are suffering from a combination of depression and anxiety or panic, some antidepressant medications will help reduce the depressive symptoms while simultaneously helping to control the panic attacks. The physician can also prescribe the tricyclic antidepressants with sedating effects, such one of the MAOI's.