How to get rid of anxiety

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How to get rid of anxiety

Normally an anxious person have restlessness, fear, poor concentration, disturbed sleep and irritation whereas, in social anxiety a person finds it difficult to communicate with others, he might feel that someone is judging him constantly, sweating, upset stomach, and stuttering. All of us experience anxious situations but when it causes the disturbance in your daily functioning like the disturbance in sleep, appetite, low productivity at work then it becomes severe and a person can have an anxiety disorder. So it is very important to treat it otherwise it can lead you towards depression.

Types of anxiety

Apart from normal anxiety there are different types of anxieties mentioned in DSM 5 and comes under the umbrella of anxiety disorder. Let’s have a look at types of anxiety.

• If people have panic attack or agoraphobia, they might believe that they can’t get escape from that situation and they will die. In these forms, the person loses his control of himself.

• In social anxiety disorder, the people have a strong belief that they are being judged by others so they avoid facing social situations.

• In specific phobia, people have fear associated with disclosure of particular kinds of stuff or conditions.

• In Generalized anxiety disorder, people have constant worrying about anything or situation.

How to get rid of anxiety

There are different techniques which can help you in getting rid of anxiety. Have a look at the techniques;

1. Deep breathing

Deep breathing is very effective to cure anxiety. You have to close your eyes first then inhale through nostrils. Place your hand on the belly and the other one on the chest. As you inhale, your hand should go towards inside whereas when you exhale it should become outside. Try to fully concentrate on it and make busy yourself to concentrate on breaths. Repeat the process until you feel relaxed.

2. Progressive muscle relaxation

Practice PMR on a daily basis to relax your muscles. It is highly recommended by the psychologists and psychiatrist for beating anxiety. After implementing this you will feel relaxed. It is also used for alleviating disturbing and disruptive emotional symptoms. For this, you should sit in a relaxing position by closing your eyes and then inhale deep breaths and after that exhale slowly by feeling that anxiety is going out from the body with exhaling. After that, stretch her muscles of the whole body as much as you can then relax them. by completing it you will feel a change in your condition.

3. Meditation

Make yourself calm and be optimistic. Try to initiate your day with positive energy.

4. Practice self-care

Give yourself time to relax, say kind words to you, confidence, etc.

5. Practice yoga

Learn progressive muscle relaxation which can help in relaxing your muscles. Practice yoga on a daily basis.

Eat healthy food

For a healthy lifestyle; increase the intake of healthy food and leave the junk food.

7. Ask for help

If you feel that you can’t help yourself in reducing your symptoms of anxiety you must seek help. Don’t feel ashamed because it is a matter of your health. Find someone who can listen to you and provide assistance to you.

9. Busy yourself

Busy yourself in different creative and productive activities so that you can get relief from overthinking about anything. Like start reading, writing or you can play your role in society as a social worker too.

Practice these tips on a daily basis to beat your anxiety.

How to cure anxiety with the help of medication

anti-anxiety drug helps ap person to get rid of anxiety

There are different types of medicines which are frequently prescribed for anxiety. Benzodiazepines which are also called as tranquilizers are mostly used to cure anxiety. it has four more types which are as follows;

• Xanax (alprazolam)

• Klonopin (clonazepam)

• Valium (diazepam)

• Ativan (lorazepam)

These medicines work so rapidly like after getting this you will feel relief after 30 minutes or in one hour. It is very good and effective for panic attacks and for episodes of anxiety. Psychiatrists mostly do not recommend these medicines because they make people addictive so mostly these are not recommended. They effect gradually on our nervous system and help the person in getting relaxed. As medicines have side effects, benzodiazepines also have some side effect. Higher the dose more the side effects will be. After intake of these medicines, you will feel drowsiness, dizziness, poor coordination, problems in concentration, memory issues, the upsetting of the stomach, headache, blurry vision, and slurred speech.

Safety concerns

A person can have the dependence on benzodiazepines when used regularly. It can cure only in two months on regular intake but it can cause serious withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking medicines. Like disturbance in daily functioning, severe anxiety, decreased sleep, stomach ache, the person might have panic attacks too, sweating, or fasten heartbeat. So be careful in taking medicines and never ever take any medicine without doctor’s prescription.

Where to buy valium

It is used for treating anxiety and to remove short-term symptoms of anxiety. It slows down brain activity. Its generic name is diazepam. It has various uses like it can be used for treating seizures, for muscle spasm, for treating delirium tremens. This medicine is extremely addictive. Buy valiumBuy valium from any pharmaceutical company but if your doctor prescribed it to you because you can’t take it with some other medicines like Clozapine, Fluvoxamine, and Sodium oxybate. So it is important to consult your doctor before mingling any medications. The benzodiazepines are really good for beating anxiety but only when you are using them in a limited amount as prescribed by the doctor otherwise they can affect your health severely.


• Never ever mix benzodiazepines with alcohol because it can lead you towards fatal overuse.

• Don’t mix them with other medicines like sleeping pills.

• Don’t give valium to pregnant women as it can cause dependency in children and cause birth problems.

• Don’t give valium to the children who are younger than six months.

• If you are taking valium to treat the seizures, take it on a regular basis otherwise leaving the medicine can increase the seizures.