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Diazepam is a wonder drug.It belongs to the family of benzodiazapene.It is a sedative and produce calming affect.It acts on GABA receptor.These receptors are found in cerebral cortex,limbic system and hypothalamus.It acts by controlling GABA receptors calcium ion channels.It increases the duration of calcium channel opening by binding to it and causes hyperpolarization in the brain.

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It is mostly used as antianxiety pills and to deal with stage fright.It is also used to cope with alcohal withdrawal symptoms and other sedatives addiction. It also act as skelton muscle relaxant and is used during anasthesia ,to treat cramps,seizures,trouble in sleeping and restless leg disease. It is mostly used to treat emotional disorders in adult ,sweating,nervousness,cerebral palsy and insomnia.In children it is used to treat muscle spasticity caused by tetanus and cerebral palsy.It is also used as antiseizure drug.They are used as preoperative surgical preparative.

However its overdose causes addiction and tolerance.Its major side effects includes memory loss,respiratory depression,apnea,tremors,altered sensorium,and anterograde amnesia.You should always follow doctors advice and take diazepam according to physician prescription.You must not take diazepam for more than four weeks otherwise it will cause addiction.It is contraindicated with alcohal and in pregnancy.Taking other sedatives along with diazepam like alcohal, barbiturates,anti depressants,anti phycotics enhance the sedative action of diazepam and its adverse effect.If you are suffering from some liver disease like cirrhosis etc than you must avoid using diazepam.

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Diazepam comes under the trade name of valium. Valium is diazepam 10mg.30 pils of valium is available in 133$. You can but it online from specialty pharma.Valium is taken orally 10mg twice a day .In patients with some liver disease like cirrhosis, collapse the dosage is reduced because the drug is metabolized in liver and excreted through the kidney.Thus any kidney or liver problem may decrease the rate of elimination of valium due to which its toxcity increaes in the body and it causes harmfull affect in the brain. Moreover it is also contraindicated in pregnancy and lacting mother because this drug is eliminated in milk which may enter the baby during lactation and may causes injurious affect.Valium should be used according to doctors prescription otherwise it may causes addiction along with other side effects like exahaustion ,depression,double visson and speech problems.

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